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Joe Joyce teams up with BetVictor

Joe Joyce has formed a mutually beneficial association with BetVictor just before his crucial rematch with Zhilei Zhang. BetVictor will play the role of Joyce’s formal betting associate for the upcoming match slated for September 23, 2023.

As per the agreement of the association, BetVictor casino will be responsible for promoting the much-anticipated rematch. The branding will also be done on the team kit. If Joyce manages to defeat Zhilei Zhang, he will be up for the world title. 

According to Joyce, he is extremely pleased to be associated with BetVictor. He mentioned the fact that he has been tirelessly practicing for the upcoming bout and has looked closely into every mistake that he made in the previous fight with Zhang and has worked hard to rectify them. His ultimate aim is to win the world title.

There will be the presence of BetVictor throughout the week while the fight is on. The company will actively engage in all promotional activities during the period and maximize the branding process.

As far as the Head of Sponsorship for BetVictor, Sam Boswell, is concerned, they are glad they decided to team up with Joyce, whom they feel is extremely talented as a boxer. In his opinion, Joyce’s biggest asset is his sheer determination and strong will to win the world title. It will also be an opportunity to hone their skills in the art of carrying out promotional activities and involve their other clients, too.

As for the Head of Commercial for S-JAM Boxing, Harry Phillips, he expresses his utmost pleasure in having forged an association with BetVictor and will be playing the role of Joyce’s formal betting associate. In his opinion, BetVictor is one of the prime bookmakers in all of Europe, and all of them combined have a lot of positive expectations for the crucial upcoming bout.

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