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Joe Theismann supports NFL’s gambling crackdown

The National Football League, popularly known as NFL, has begun taking action based on the most recently announced policies related to gambling. There is a lot of talk about how well it serves the sport or the gambling community. Joe Theismann, for one, has come out in support of the NFL, saying that it will only help protect the integrity of the game. Joe has added that policies enforced and actions taken are indeed important to not let people believe that the games are fixed.

The former Washington Redskins Quarterback interacted with the media to express that gambling policy on staff and players is to make sure that one does let anything seep into the game to give a hint to people that the results are fixed beforehand.

It better work, said Joe, understanding that the nature of the rules could be complicated or hard to follow. Nevertheless, they are mandatory.

Six rules introduced by the NFL for gambling crackdown are:

  • No betting on the NFL
  • Not to hire someone or give them on-behalf-access to place bets
  • No gambling at the team facility & also while traveling for a road game or staying in a hotel
  • No participation in Daily Fantasy Football
  • Not to share inside information about the team
  • No entry into sportsbook while the NFL playing season is underway

Notably, there is no mention of gambling during the off-season. Meaning per the interaction between the media and Joe, it might be okay if someone wants to go to the facility and gamble. During the playing season, however, that cannot be allowed to protect the integrity of the game. And I certainly understand it, added Joe Theismann.

There is another issue that the NFL is attempting to deal with, which is mobile betting. Proposition bets, said Joe, could be made available only to improve the fan experience, but it will still remain an issue, and the NFL is working on it.

The result is such that five players have been dealt with as per their actions related to football betting. Three players have been suspended indefinitely, and two players have been handed over a six-game suspension by the NFL. Players to have been indefinitely suspended are Quintez Cephus, C.J. Moore, and Shaka Toney.

It is now up to these players to file a petition for reinstatement. That can only be done at the end of the 2023 season.

Players who have been suspended for six games by the NFL are Stanley Berryhill and Jameson Williams. These players were found accessing the mobile betting platform at the Lions’ facility of Lions. Fans may continue to participate on the platforms as usual. Restrictions will be on staff and players. It is right to assume that the intentions are pretty clear and modest in dealing with such a gambling problem.

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