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Money May Poker Challenge goes live at BetOnline

Effective May 01, 2023, players at BetOnline can begin participating in the Money May Poker Challenge. It is scheduled to run till May 28, 2023, rewarding the top player with merchandise by Floyd Mayweather. Leaderboard is updated in real-time, resetting every week starting Monday at 00:00 ET. The leaderboard takes the final call on Sunday at 23:59 ET.

Participants can earn a point by knocking out their opponent. The participant with the maximum knockouts, KOs, or the highest point on the leaderboard wins the top spot and, thereby, the signed merchandise.

Knockout tournaments carrying the label PKO are eligible. Only registered players can participate through the desktop client or mobile application. They can view their current standing in Money May Poker Challenge by:

  • Navigating to My Missions in the desktop client; and,
  • Accessing the Contests section in the mobile platform.

Eliminate a player to gain a single point; accumulate by eliminating as many opponents as possible. Not just the top winner but the other 9 participants on the list also stand a chance to win merchandise signed by Floyd Mayweather. This includes Boxing Trunks, Gloves, Posters, and TMT Hats, to mention a few. All a participant has to do is display their best poker skills and climb up the weekly leaderboard.

Participants can top the leaderboard more than once; however, the top prize will only be rewarded a single time. The second time when they top the leaderboard, the grand prize will be rolled down to the participant who is second on the list. The Money May Poker Challenge started on May 01, 2023, and it will run through May 28, 2023.

The grand prize will be rewarded to the top participant. The other nine will also be able to claim signed merchandise. Per the announcement by BetOnline, all general rules apply to the knockout tournament, subject to the change in terms & conditions by the platform at any moment. Participants who finish in the list of top winners will additionally get free Tournament Money credits.

BetOnline is simultaneously running more promotions, like a 50% Welcome Bonus capped at $1,000. Another promotion on the platform gives away a hundred percent Crypto Bonus. Only players who register at BetOnline can claim the bonus promotions. Interested players can learn about the platform through our BetOnline review. Per the claims by the platform, it offers benefits like opening odds earlier than others, faster payouts in the market, and industry-best promotions on deposits that qualify in sync with the applicable terms & conditions.

Categories other than Poker that players can explore at BetOnline are Live Betting, Sports, Racebook, and eSports. Upcoming events are Betting Odds for NBA Playoffs, Game Lines for NHL Playoffs, Dime Lines for MLB, Golf Odds for PGA Tour, and Fight Odds for UFC with Daily Specials for Odds Booster.

BetOnline carries the trust of 25+ years. Money May Poker Challenge may be just another promotion, but it signifies the commitment of BetOnline to constantly offer the best experience to its players. The tournament remains live till May 28, 2023.

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