Kalamba and Reelzone join; start with €1,000 Tournament

Kalamba Games tweeted on Monday about its partnership with Reelzone, and a €1,000 launch tournament to celebrate this partnership, starting the same day, was announced.

Founded in 2016, Kalamba Games is a well-known and successful games development company in the online casino games industry. Currently, the company has 280+ brands live with 39 games available in 27 languages worldwide. Kalamba Inc. strives to deliver market-leading games that have impressive themes backed up by innovative mechanics.

Tamas Kustos, Head of Sales and Account Management at Kalamba, said that they are thrilled to explore the online world of casino gaming, further adding the possibility of getting “big results” due to their exposure to several opportunities.

The partnership with Reelzone will allow Kalamba Games to explore the horizon of Social Casino Gaming. Through this opportunity, Kalamba aims to combine real money gaming with social media prowess. We all know the everlasting impact of social media platforms in our routine life. Almost every sort of business utilizes social media to reach out to the potential audience for revenue generation. Now Kalamba is doing the same.

To celebrate the partnership with Reelzone, Kalamba has announced a €1,000 launch tournament as well. This tournament began yesterday following the announcement by Kalamba on Twitter. In this tournament, Blazing Bull will serve as a feature game. The participants would also get access to Kasamba’s monthly Coin League. It will help them to play every game slot available on Kalamba’s official website.

The online gaming industry is better recognized for its rewards or welcome bonuses. Many feel enticed with free coins or reward points or so. This trend has been present in the industry for a long time. But if we talk about Reelzone, it is a newly launched and emerging platform to harness the best of social casino gaming via free-to-play slot tournaments. It gives the players exposure to gaming apps and online casinos. Here, you can explore ongoing slot tournaments plus tempting rewards and prizes.

Stefan Rafael, CMO at Reelzone, said that the company has taken a great strategic step towards realizing its vision of business expansion. They are happy to collaborate with Kalamba Games, a company with vast industry knowledge and a great game portfolio.

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