KamaGames Updates and Revitalizes Its Existing VIP Player Feature

The largest European social mobile poker operator KamaGames has launched its latest feature, namely VIP levels, according to report.

Report states that KamaGames has sought to update and revitalize its existing form of VIP statuses, which could only be bought earlier for a restricted period of time within KamaGames apps.

As part of the interesting expansion of the existing feature, KamaGames has decided to launch 13 VIP levels to highlight players’ changing growth across its whole portfolio of social casino games.

Players now will not get an opportunity to enhance their VIP level in various captivating methods. It can be cited with an example. In case players seek to enjoy the benefit of the new KamaGames offer or sale, they will not only get the chips that they have bought, but they will also get an opportunity to claim the precious VIP points.

Likewise, VIP points are received when players buy lotteries and chips or whey they finish competitive quests, tournaments, and other interesting activities throughout the portfolio of KamaGames.

And, the more the player’s VIP level, the higher will be the bonuses and rights that they will get. It is worth noting that KamaGames VIP perks will include luxury gifts from the casino, skilled VIP player support, and unique VIP content along with substantial coin and chip bonuses.

Additionally, the VIP statuses will be reflected at all the KamaGames apps. The latest update to KamaGames’ VIP system is yet another instance of KamaGames’ pledge to innovation wherein it continues to engage and retain its social casino audience.

KamaGames has already carved its identity as one of the fastest-growing independent social, mobile poker operators all across the globe. KamaGames strives to develop a vast range of interesting games for users of all ages and interests.

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