Kentucky Soon Starts Sport Betting in 2020

Kentucky is one of the smallest parts of the U.S. states that still don’t have a place for gambling. Most of the state is not allowed for gambling, except, some of the racing machines, which are likely to get changed in a few years. Andy Beshear, who wants to be the next governor for Bluegrass State, is in favor of gambling like physical casinos and sportsbooks.

Gambling has become an important part of his life which has led him to become the main activist in the state. He added that gambling could lift the economy of the state, and if no gambling facilities are soon being provided, then gamblers might visit the other states for betting.

Beshear proved this point previous Thursday with the Winner’s Circle Off-Track Betting Parlor and the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. These places are not far from Kentucky, just 15 miles away and Beshear is scared about losing tax revenue due to the gamblers moving away to another state for betting.

According to him, the state might lose millions of tax revenue due to this.

Kentucky’s current Attorney General said that bringing sports betting to the state is a good way to make Kentucky more competitive, and it can protect the hard-earned pension money of the teachers and first responders.

Only ten states in the US don’t have casino and sports betting, and Kentucky is one of them. Out of seven states, which are connected with the borders of Kentucky only two places Virginia and Tennessee, don’t have casino facility. The casinos and racinos in Ohio Indiana and Illinois being on the state’s border gives gambling facilities to both the states.

In order to bring the gamblers back to the state, Beshear suggests that casinos, sportsbooks and more should be allowed within the state’s border. In the first year, $1.7 million can, through gambling, according to him.

He is not the first to speak about casino in Kentucky. There have been continuous efforts for the last twelve years to legalize sports betting in Kentucky. But the bills to legalize sports betting has been stopped for some or other reason while being drafted. If Beshear gets elected in November, then Kentucky might make a difference in the future.

Janice Graziano

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