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Land-based Casino or Online Casino: Which One Is Better?

Gambling is fun where players bet with their own money with the expectation of making more money in the short term. In the past, people had to go to land-based casinos to indulge in the world of fortune. However, with the rapid development of technology, online casinos are a new and exciting option for gamblers.

Since 1996, live casinos have been growing and expanding globally. As a result, more and more people will entertain themselves at online casinos instead of heading out to land-based casinos.

Inevitably, a controversy arose regarding two casino platforms: online Casino and land-based Casino. Some people love going to land-based casinos. Others favor online casinos and think that online casinos will be the new era of the gambling industry. However, it will be difficult to say which one will be superior because each one has its advantages and disadvantages and is designed for different types of players.

Do you prefer land-based casinos or online casinos? In my personal opinion, I prefer online casino real money because of their convenience. Especially during this pandemic, you should stay home, practice quarantine and earn some fun money. Notwithstanding, let’s take a look at their characteristics.

Land Based Casino

Traditional casinos have a long history and have dominated the history of gambling. You will need to go to specific locations to be able to play. Of course, you will need to bring a large amount of cash to buy chips to participate in casino games.

As previously stated, you must visit public places. As a result, you will have the opportunity to meet new people while enjoying your gameplay. Some people even met their future spouses in casinos. A whole new world has opened up for you. Overall, the traditional Casino provides players with the authentic feeling and thrill of playing with many real people.

However, this factor brings a disadvantage. Players will have to pay extra for transportation and costumes. Mainly, gambling is illegal in some countries, so players must travel to casinos in other countries. It causes the player to waste a significant amount of time.

When stepping into the casinos, you have the feeling that you are participating in colorful festivals. In addition to games, you can also enjoy various activities such as watching entertainment shows, listening to live music, drinking for free, or flirting with beautiful blondes. These will be exciting experiences that online casinos will never be able to give you. On the other hand, a buzz of chatty gamers and dealers, sounds of slot machines make players unable to focus on their strategies to win.

Online Casino

“Simplicity” and “comfort” are the first words to describe online casinos. With an internet-connected device, you can play bets at your favorite Casino without having to travel. Players can still play while gambling is illegal in their country. Therefore, players do not have to pay for travel, accommodation, costumes, etc. In addition, traditional casinos have opening and closing hours. In contrast, with online casinos, as long as you have money, you can play cards at any time.

Moreover, you’ll never be bothered by other players like you would in land-based casinos. Your world now only includes you and your games. It is very beneficial for those who are often distracted. However, the games are still relatively realistic thanks to the virtual reality technology that is becoming popular in online casinos.

Besides, one of the points where online casinos outperform traditional casinos is the diverse game collection. Players can bet on things that land-based casinos don’t have, like esports or horse racing.

The other main perks of playing online are the high bonus promotions. With online casinos, players will have more opportunities to receive bonuses more often. You can earn free coins, free spins, and sometimes instant cashback. It is interesting when you can test any game before depositing your money into accounts on gambling sites. You will hardly be able to do the same thing at land-based casinos.

Many online promotions and tournaments allow players to earn significant cash prizes or amazing non-casino-related prizes. Some online casinos even offer no deposit bonuses, which players can use immediately after signing up. These bonuses do not require any deposits and can be used at no additional cost to the player.

However, the biggest downside of gambling sites is probably reliability. Most land-based casinos are established by large companies and are licensed by the government or professional gambling associations. In contrast, setting up an online casino is simpler and easier. Hence, there have been numerous scams related to betting sites. Many online casinos have also been criticized for having unfair policies and conditions.


After all, online casinos, or land-based casinos, always have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to take the time to think about which one is right for you. The world is constantly changing, so you need to be wise enough to determine what you should do.

Janice Graziano

Janice has joined Times of Casino team as a casino news writer. Along with writing, she is additionally a content manager. Janice has over five years of experience in inscribing. Her zealousness for casino and online gaming draw her to casino industry. In her spare time, she relishes playing online poker games.

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