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Last chance for Belgium’s golden generation in FIFA World Cup

Belgium has been labeled an underachiever, especially since it has emerged as one of the best teams in the last decade. Kevin De Bruyne and others, including Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois, & Romelu Lukalu, form the Golden Generation of Belgium football. However, most will likely retire or surpass their best phase by the FIFA World Cup 2026.

Out of the names mentioned, Kevin has signaled that he will retire after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Belgium emerged as the top contender nearly 10 years ago. It was in 2012 when Belgium defeated the Netherlands 4-2 in a match. However, this followed the unfortunate losses for the team, giving them the underachievers tag. The players have always competed, but in vain. Belgium lost to Argentina in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup held in 2014.

France took the lead in the next edition of the World Cup by clinching victory over Belgium in the Semi-Finals. Belgium’s exit from European Championship in 2016 and 202 raised questions if the team’s performance will ever do justice in bringing a trophy home.

George Leekens, the former coach of the Belgium football team, was able to get Belgium to the top of the table without winning a trophy, but that did not mean much to him. As George stated to the media, we climbed to the first without a trophy, but this rank means nothing.

He then went on to question the side now led by Roberto Martinez.

As per the sports news, George Leekens said that nothing goes your way when you don’t dare to do things, and this mentality does not seem to exist in Roberto’s group.

With the Golden Generation in its 30s, a lot relies on the shoulders of emerging stars, namely Charles De Ketelaere, Lois Openda, and Amadou Onana. Eden Hazard, the captain since 2015, highlighted that the team is going through a defining moment with the beginning of the upcoming World Cup.

Eden Hazard believes that the team needs to win a title to justify the tag of the Golden Generation.

Belgium is in Group F, Croatia, Morocco, and Canada. FIFA betting sites have placed positive odds favoring the advancement of Belgium. The team will likely qualify for the Round of 16 and the Quarter Finals. Belgium goes against Canada on November 24, 2022, and the other two teams come face to face a day before.

Kevin De Bruyne has mentioned that his family will be sitting in the stadium, watching him play the group stages. Kevin is playing in the third edition of the FIFA World Cup, probably his last appearance in the international tournament. Following the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, it will be all on the shoulders of the new players to carry forward the team and bring the title home.

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