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Legal Single-Event Betting Starts on August 27

Provinces can now authorize single-event sports betting after more than a decade of political struggle. Beginning August 27, 2021, Canadians will be able to legally gamble on single sporting events, putting an end to the country’s longstanding rule that bets be spread across numerous games and matches. Why should single-sport betting be made legal? Single-event betting allows Canadians to bet on a single event, such as the CFL’s Grey Cup, and is considered less risky than multi-event betting, which is often seen as risky bets having a lower payback possibility.

The federal government recently declared that single-game sports betting would be legalized in Canada. The provincial governments will thereafter be in charge, whether through government-run programs or licenses to independent companies.

On a federal level, Canada will modify the criminal code to decriminalize single-game sports betting. The activity’s implementation, on the other hand, could be patchy, with larger provinces like Ontario and British Columbia expected to lead the way.

Canadian online casinos and online sportsbook firms eager for a legal betting market are ecstatic about Thursday’s decision. The ability to provide single-event sports betting will be extremely beneficial to Canadian gaming operators, as it will help companies to attract American tourists as well as attract betting audiences.

Bill C-218, according to Justice Minister David Lametti, will allow Canadians to wager on specific sports in a controlled and safe atmosphere. Legislators from all four major parties supported the Conservative private member’s bill.

The bill received approval by the Senate in June and obtained royal assent in August after passing through the House of Commons.

Several provincial governments are already planning to take advantage of the new cash streams, but the Conservative MP who presented the bill accused the Liberals of stalling their feet on passing the law.

Kevin Waugh remarked,

This is again another example of the Liberals preferring to implement the legislation they favor while postponing the ones they don’t.

It is claimed that altering the Criminal Code to allow provinces to manage single-event sports betting will enable them to raise funds for social services, health care, infrastructure, and education.

People will be able to do more typical betting, such as picking a game to wager on and betting on it without having to attach that game to others.

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