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Licensed Casinos Increased in Sweden: Should You Still Use an Unlicensed Casino?

Online gambling is quickly becoming prevalent all around the globe. While it is legal in multiple regions, Sweden is emerging as one of the most profitable markets. Sweden changed its gambling laws in 2018, but it did not affect the nation’s gambling prominence.

Sweden boasts 6.2 billion SEK through the sales of gambling licenses in 2021’s first quarter alone. The number has increased by 5.1% since 2020, whereas mainstream online gaming has increased by 7.7%.

Over 101 companies currently possess active licenses, with 71 owning betting and commercial gambling licenses as well. While the figures indicate a surge, most online users still opt for unlicensed casinos to gamble.

It is legal, offers multiple payment options and numerous other perks as well. However, is it safe? Should you use an unlicensed casino as well? Let’s find out.

How is Sweden Different from Other Nations in Online Gambling?

The change of rules brought in 2018 by Sweden changed the entire online gambling landscape. The first change Sweden brought was adding a 3 seconds interval between slots. The interval was added to help users refrain from mindless gambling.

Sweden also restricted casinos’ promotional prowess by removing bonus offers. Once the pandemic hit, Swedish authorities added a deposit limit as well. While all the modifications were released in the public interest, they repelled many gamblers.

Since unlicensed casinos do not impose such restrictions, players flocked towards them. Additionally, these casinos also offered perks like:

Diverse Choices: The market is inundated with unlicensed casino options, and a mere web search will open the realm of unlimited casinos offering just what the player desires.

No Legal Restrictions: Since unlicensed casinos are legal, players don’t see any reason to not use them.

No Deposit Caps: Unlicensed casinos do not impose any deposit restrictions, meaning users can place unlimited bets. 

Additional Perks: Benefits like introduction bonus and no 3-second slot rules are also viable reasons to choose unlicensed casinos.

Should You Gamble with Unlicensed Casinos?

After establishing the reasons why gamblers lean towards unlicensed reasons, it is time to comprehend whether it has any cons. While most unlicensed casinos are not problematic, players need to be careful in their choices. 

Before doubling down on a casino, try to gather as much information about it as possible. Ensure it accepts SEK as a payment method,not to and the money earned can be converted as well. Another thing to look out for is a regulatory body backing the structure.

Surely, the casino is not regulated by Swedish authorities, but that does not mean it must be unregulated. Needless to say, an unregulated casino can spell countless troubles. If players can find an unlicensed casino with the mentioned attributes, there are not many reasons to avoid it.

However, if players prefer maximum safety and player protection over miscellaneous perks, licensed casinos are the go. 

Final Thoughts

Sweden houses an immense online gambling community, amassing 6.2 billion SEK through license sales alone. Licensed online Sweden casinos face several restrictions from the authorities, but they are still a secure option.

On the other hand, the nation does not stop unlicensed casinos from operating either. However, users can land into trouble with an unregulated casino. That is why it is pivotal to choose a reliable option with a regulatory body backing it up. With operators like, players can find the ideal casino in no time.

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