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M80 Squad: Former XSET co-founder launches new Valorant Team

Marco Mereu, the former XSET COO, has provided a significant update to the eSports community by announcing the creation of a new Valorant squad called M80.

The newly formed squad will consist of several pro-NA players and will compete in the upcoming Challengers series. Some of the names announced for the pro team are:-

  • Daniel Vucenovic “eeiu” 
  • Alexander Dituri “Zander” 
  • Mohamed Amine Ouarid “johnqt” 
  • Gianfranco Potestio “koalanoob” 
  • Marc-Andre Tayar “NiSMO” 

The slogan for M80 would be “all roads lead to ascension.” This is a direct reference to Riot Games’ new tournament. The news has been covered by several top eSports betting sites, enticing gaming fans across the globe.

The upcoming Challengers series will see several Latin American and South American teams competing. M80 will enter the North American Challengers phase, trying to qualify for the Ascension cycle.

Despite being a newly formed squad, M80 will boast some of the biggest names in the region. Only teams like Team SoloMid and The Guard match the stature brought by M80. XSET has always been a prominent name in the Valorant circle.

The company failed to establish an official partnership with Riot Games to join the American International League. This development surprised many, since XSET had outperformed several teams in the region that got a slot.

Shortly after the event, Marco left the company to form a new squad within a month. Now, M80 has become one of the biggest names in the series, even before competing in any events. Thus, the road to the Ascension series is expected to be a smooth one. The only major issue the team will encounter is the lack of synergy the players share.

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