Macau Gaming Revenue Soars 67% in January 2024

Macau has introduced its account statement for the month of January 2024, related to gaming revenue. It clearly states that there has been an upward trend of 67% as compared to the same month in 2023. This amounts to a gross monthly income of $2.4 billion. 

This is attributed to the large influx of tourists in Macau, which has continued since the previous year. 

Incidentally, the data related to the tourism industry has not been divulged, but December 2023 witnessed the greatest influx of tourists ever since January 2020. This seems to be an ongoing situation in Macau. 

In December, the tourists numbered 2,943,930, with the average spending figures per person reaching MOP$2,366 in the third quarter. 

As per the year gone by, February turned out to be not so lucrative in terms of earnings, leaving the rest of the year to be more prosperous for the gaming arena.

According to the gaming news, January saw a 4% increase compared to December, reaching the figure of MOP$19.3 billion.

In December, there were speculations that Macau might compete with Las Vegas, Nevada, in terms of revenue collection from gaming activities.

In pursuit of surpassing Nevada, Macau will encounter specific challenges, including the endeavor to diversify its economy, especially in light of stringent border crossing restrictions and the potential for a rise in tourism. In order to prevent businesses from being required to adapt to changes continually, Macau must immediately optimize its regulatory framework.

Maxine Klingensmith

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