Casino Heroes Gives you a Unique Gaming Experience

With tech establishing deep roots in every sector, digitization has become the need of the hour. Gambling is phenomenally growing online. Online casinos and gaming are more prevalent now than they have ever been, allowing players to bet and play from their home’s comfort.

But it is not merely a convenience that is appealing to the players. Online gambling is a developing domain, and numerous nations like Japan openly promote the industry. As Japan is a prominent market for online casinos, new names keep appearing in the region.

The latest phenomenon in the nation is Casino Heros, which is intuitively appealing to the market. While Vera and John is still considered the most popular online casino in Japan, Casino Heroes is garnering commendable success in its own right.

Locally known as Casitabi, the online casino is offering a seamless and unique gambling experience to the audience. It accepts multiple payment options, offers unmatched security, and merges diverse gaming. The casino strongly resembles RPGs, offering a great experience from the get-go.

Interested to know more? Here is everything players should know before using Casino Heroes:

Casino Heroes: How to Register?

Casitabi uses the standard casino mechanism for user registration. Players need to provide basic information like phone number, address, name, etc. The membership registration requires additional data, which needs to be carefully inputted. To make matters even more interesting, users can choose their avatar while using the casino.

Casitabi: How to Deposit Money?

The casino proffers multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies. The most common methods are:

  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • EcoPayz
  • Venus Point

Be it the standard card payments, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies, the experience offered by the casino does not waver. For now, the casino accepts four cryptos, but the numbers will increase in the future.

The minimum deposit amount is approx—12 dollars for the first time and 25 dollars for future deposits. 

Casino Heroes: How to Withdraw Money? 

After winning prizes in the casino, users can quickly withdraw the funds. There will be no withdrawal charges as long as the earnings are below 15 dollars. The actual price may fluctuate due to the fluctuation in the dollar’s value against Yen. 

The same holds for cryptocurrencies as they are subject to market volatility too. If the verification process goes smoothly, withdrawal only takes 24 hours. The amount can be directly transferred to users’ bank accounts as well. However, the withdrawal time can differ for different methods.

  • For e-wallets: 24 hours
  • For credit cards: 3-5 business days
  • For bank transfers: 2-3 business days 

In addition, players can only withdraw approx. 2,500 dollars every month. If the amount exceeds the limit, users will receive it in installments. Plus, you might be asked to undergo an additional verification process.

Casino Heroes: What About the Games?

Players can enjoy over 1,500 games on Casitabi. Popular options like roulette, slot machines, poker, and blackjack are available in multiple formats. Casino Heroes’ USP is one of the more popular games in Blitz Mode. It allows gamblers to play games at 6x speed, allowing players to get quick results.

Casino Heroes is the latest phenomenon in Japan’s online gambling sector. The casino is designed like an RPG and offers esteemed perks like multi-payment options and no withdrawal fees. With over 1,500 games on display, Casitabi is undoubtedly one of the best casinos to try out in Japan and through the continual addition of new quests and characters, it aims to deliver a fresh gaming experience for bettors who want to take a virtual casino trip.

If you’re interested in a Japanese gaming experience, you can head on to the Casitabi website and access a world of entertainment possibilities.

Janice Graziano

Janice has joined Times of Casino team as a casino news writer. Along with writing, she is additionally a content manager. Janice has over five years of experience in inscribing. Her zealousness for casino and online gaming draw her to casino industry. In her spare time, she relishes playing online poker games.

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