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Mariano-Andy clash ends with a straight flush on Hustler Casino Live

Million Dollar Game by Hustler Casino Live is fast approaching. It only makes sense to have all the eyes set on how Mariano and Andy met in the concluding moments of their game. Spoiler alert, Mariano bagged $600k holding straight flush against his opponent.

Mariano was close to $300k in the stack, and the game was dancing around $100/$200. He held on to his cards – king and ten. Charles entered the arena with a 3-bet game. Mariano responded with no other option but to put in a 4-bet worth $9,000.

That precise moment gave Mariano an unbeatable straight flush along with stacks of the ace-high flush. David rolled his eyes, acknowledging that the incident was very less likely. At one moment, Mariano went all in. Once the cards flipped, he experienced for the second time that the pot had swelled over $600k.

Specifically considering this case, the pot had touched $611,300 for Mariano, enough to stun him after witnessing the win.

Tuchman narrates that it was a life-changing moment for Mariano, a player who was dealing with lower figures a few years ago. He did return to pay back the final tally worth $256,300 in chips. To everyone’s surprise, Stacks looked to move on and continue the game.

As per the latest poker news, the game follows the play of $5 million from the previous week. Stacks were over $1 million, with things quickly shifting to multiple hands as $500,000 came down in the middle.

Mariano hails as one of the popular poker vloggers. Andy Tsai, popularly known by his middle name, Stacks, held onto his card and somehow managed to get past the worst phase in the game.

Edna Boykin

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