Matic Heroes are here; Who’s your favorite?

It’s already a couple of days since Matic’s launch and Blockchain Cuties is very happy with the kind of response it has got from the gamers. There were some challenges in the run-up to the game’s launch but it is quite amazing to witness the success and response the game is getting from all walks of life. It is the testimony of the hard work put in by the team and to further enrich the experience, the company is putting in extra efforts to make the onboarding of players a smooth affair.

Enthusiastic Response

One can easily estimate the enthusiasm and strong response towards the game from the fact that most of the cuties (along with White Tigers and Burus) had been sold in the presale phase of the game. Within a few hours, after the presale phase opened, all cuties were sold out as so was the case with Burus and White tigers.

Now to give more buying options to gamers who didn’t have the luck with first phase of the sale, Blockchain Cuties is coming with the second crop of its heroes including five Burus. However, the most exciting news is about a new epic character launched by the company. Called Bhairava, the warrior epitomizes valor and bravery as he readies to sacrifice his life for the integrity and sovereignty of his kingdom ruled by his father. You can take a look at all the characters on the presale page of Matic and make sure you hurry before they are gone.


It is fascinating to witness the growth of cuties – there are around 150 Matic Cuties already in the game. Getting such an enthusiastic response from the players is a big achievement and it looks like the blockchain is already on the path to become most successful and popular in the gaming segment. If you find any procedural difficulty while adding the tokens, or with your deposit and withdrawals, you can contact the Matic Team which is always ready and happy to help.

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