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Mbappe is the second player to hit a hat trick at the World Cup Finals

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 concluded in a way that captivated every football fan on the planet. The match went into a penalty shootout after both teams scored three goals each.

Lionel Messi stole the show at the end, retiring from his World Cup career with a bang. However, Kylian Mbappe managed to steal the spotlight partially by scoring a hat trick in the finals. The 23-year-old sensation became only the second player to have achieved the feat.

Geoff Hurst of England was the first player to accomplish this in 1966. The player helped England equalize the game that went into extra time.

In a similar fashion, Mbappe helped the team catch up to Argentina multiple times. France was seen trailing throughout the match, with Mbappe being their sole saving grace. The player converted two penalties and scored an amazing goal to tie the scoreboard. This created a huge shift at all the betting odds at top football betting sites.

Former French coach Rio Mavuba stated that while this was Messi’s final World Cup, the tournament had shifted the spotlight to Mbappe. Messi remains to be one of the greatest and maybe even the best.

However, at this time, Mbappe can comfortably share the table with Messi. Mavuba has followed Mbappe for years, witnessing how the young player has grown over time. The coach stated that while the player is gifted, Mbappe also showcases high-quality dribbling and scoring skills, making him difficult to catch.

Given that Mbappe also won the Golden Boot, it is obvious that the football world is ready to see the ascension of another magnificent player.

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