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Mexico, despite winning, will not qualify for the Round of 16

All the expected and anticipated frills and thrills, which always happen to be part and parcel of the FIFA World Cup tournament, wherever and whenever it has been organized, did not let a single soul down this time yet. The present one that is being played out in Qatar, which happens to be the officially selected country this time around, is leaving no stone unturned to give the millions of followers the time of their lives. It is packed with nail-biting, thrilling, and excitement-filled moments as an overall entertainment package. 

The most recent match in the series was between the Mexico team and the Saudi team. The match was indeed one of the most anticipated games in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Giving the match the respect that it surely deserved, the spectators and fans of the game seemed to have been overcrowding the stadium. The entire atmosphere was electrifying, with constant roars coming from the viewers’ gallery. Incidentally, the match was played at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. It also happened to have been a Group C match that was played.

As was expected, the game was filled with many twists and turns, with neither side relenting to compromise with the situation. Hence, the odds were unpredictable all the time at FIFA betting sites. It was almost a perfectly played match, with frequent moments of sheer genius. Despite an excellent second half in which they scored two goals and put significant pressure on Saudi Arabia, Mexico ultimately came up short due to a goal difference. 

However, in the end, the Mexico team defeated the Saudi Arabia side by a score of 2-1. However, the unfortunate part is that, despite winning the match, Mexico sees itself out of the World Cup.

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