MGA Games introduces its brand new game, New Lands

MGA Games, a well-known firm developing regional content, has released its latest game, New Lands. The regional operators in the online wagering industry highly regard the content provider.

This game showcases 5-reel slots in which players must confront the challenge of opposing an audacious sailor who, at his queen’s behest, sets sail to explore uncharted territories in search of vast quantities of treasures. The game exhibits a seemingly endless adventure quotient that is also brimming with extravagance and excitement.

The prize offer for this absolute primary release from the MGA Games stable is 16,080 euros, and there are 25 different ways to win. It offers connected gamers a comprehensive experience designed to captivate them by utilizing enhanced visuals and a well-crafted background melody.

Based on the latest betting news, one noteworthy aspect of the game is its free spins feature, which is activated whenever the player obtains three or more Wild symbols. This feature significantly increases the level of exhilaration for the players. In addition, the number of participants who win prizes displayed on the screen is tripled, which increases the likelihood that they will be eligible to enter for additional prizes.

Players of New Lands are able to access an enticing mini-game by successfully accumulating three bonus symbols. Participants are transported to a captivating Mayan city in the dense jungle through the mini-game. By being presented with the opportunity to receive new prizes, they are able to maintain their interest.

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