MGA suspends Rush Gaming’s gaming certification

The gaming certification of Rush Gaming is placed on hold by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Subsequently, the organization will be unable to operate its gaming business in Malta. Under these circumstances, the organization is now obliged to allow players to maintain access to their accounts and reimburse all gamers for the funds owed to them.

The stay on approval has been executed in accordance with the regulations specified in subsection 8 (1) (f) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations. The sanction will be enforced in accordance with regulation 9 (1) (c) of the Regulations on account of the individual in a position of the Authority’s failure to comply with specific obligations pertaining to established regulations and certain Maltese laws.

This makes Rush Gaming the first company to cease operations in 2024. In the past, several companies encountered similar predicaments and MGA decisions. These companies were AMGO iGaming in December, SFJL Holding in November, and Elite24bet Casino in August 2023. The grounds cited for revoking their certification were consistent: non-compliance with the established regulations in Malta.

This halt order was executed three weeks prior to the inauguration of Charles Mizzi, the newly appointed CEO of the MGA. Following an investigation into the previous CEO, Carl Brincat, Mizzi has joined the organization. Mizzi has an extensive background of over 25 years in the domains of finance, investment, and the Maltese markets. 

According to the gaming news, This decision was rendered in December at the direction of the MGA Board of Directors. As stated by Mizzi, he is enthusiastic about modestly advancing the Authority while also contributing to the expansion of the Maltese market as a whole.

However, the suspension of Rush Gaming’s activities remains subject to an appeal in accordance with the regulations specified in Article 43 of the Gaming Act.

Janice Graziano

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