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New York mobile sportsbooks earn $62 million weekly

The adjusted gross sports wagering revenue has reached $62 million. The New York State Gaming Commission has published the data. This is a collective representation of eight mobile sportsbooks in the region for the period ending on October 15, 2023. The figure is now the all-time high mark for online mobile operators.

A majority of the revenue is believed to have been bagged in the 6th week of the NFL when the 49ers and the Eagles faced defeat after remaining unbeaten. Sports-wise distribution is unavailable; however, the belief is the safest assumption.

Hold is also at an all-time high with 15.4%. This is the highest in the 93-week streak that began in January 2022. Revenue has come from a record of $57.5 million for January 22. For the week ending July 10, 2022, the hold had previously reached the benchmark of 14.2%.

Leading the chart are DraftKings and FanDuel. FanDuel was unfortunate to miss the $30 million milestone for the second time in terms of weekly revenue. The difference is $450,000. Its best weekly revenue was $32.3 million as of September 10, 2023. The hold of 18.5% is the highest, which increased the popularity of FanDuel casino

Following FanDuel is DraftKings, with a weekly revenue of $23 million. The win rate and hold rate are 15.8% and 18.3%, respectively, with the latter coming in January 2022. BetMGM’s weekly revenue has gone beyond $3 million with a hold of 14%.

Only Resort World was successful in setting a new revenue record, at $281,061. The previous best was $217,419 as of September 25, 2022. BetRivers has also achieved a new benchmark in terms of handling, surpassing the $22.7 million mark. More than $20 million has been wagered on this for the first time ever.

As for the NFL, the 49ers lost to the Browns in Week 6 by 19–17. The Eagles faced the defeat versus the Jets by 20-14. The most recent event saw the Eagles make a comeback against the Dolphins by bagging 31 points against 17. It was the second quarter where they ruled the most, doubling what came their way and then just maintaining the momentum with defense. The 49ers will land on the field soon, with the event scheduled to happen against the Vikings. A similar consequence is expected for the 49ers.

Both sides have lost only one game each, continuing to dominate their respective tables in the National Football Conference.

The New York State Gaming Commission is gearing up for a better week before October ends. It could pave the way for a better month—November—and, thereby, for better metrics pertaining to the entire industry. The current mark is $62 million for eight mobile sportsbooks in the region for adjusted gross sports wagering revenue.

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