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NFL Draft Props – Would Will Levis be a good fit for somebody?

Well, I guess there wasn’t a more disappointed person in the whole world on Thursday night than Will Levis, who, at least according to some accounts, was hopeful of being taken with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers, only to see himself slip all the way through the first round. 

And BetOnline customers saw the disappointment on his face, live and in color, as ESPN tracked his reactions from the green room. Levis has taken it easier on himself for Friday, as the Kentucky quarterback (by way of Penn State) will not be in the green room or, we’re told, in Kansas City at all. 

He’s going to be selected; the only question is where that’s going to happen. At this point in the draft, it could still be a matter of whether a team is really looking for a quarterback, although that changes with each succeeding pick. But it would appear obvious that most people don’t consider him the “franchise” guy. 

Here are the prices for the top five teams in terms of their likelihood of drafting Levis, according to the folks at BetOnline: 

Tennessee Titans


Los Angeles Rams


Las Vegas Raiders


Detroit Lions


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


So here’s the way Round 2 unfolds:

(32) Pittsburgh (no line) – They’re not coming off Kenny Pickett (last year’s first-rounder) as their signal-caller. 

(33) Houston (no line)  – Levis will not be the backup to CJ Stroud.

(34) Arizona (no line) – The Cards, with Kyler Murray, are not in the market for a QB.

(35) Indianapolis (no line) – This is where many people thought Levis would land in Round 1, but Richardson is the future for the Colts.

(36) L.A. Rams (+500) – With Matthew Stafford aging, this could be a welcome destination for Levis to develop.

(37) Seattle (+1400) – They have just committed to Geno Smith, which may or may not be the right move for the near future, but it’s hard to see a lot of interest here when there are other things to address. 

(38) Las Vegas (+650) – They signed Jimmy Garoppolo as a free agent. But there was some speculation that they were interested in Levis.

(39) Carolina (no line) – Bryce Young is now in the fold.

(40) New Orleans (+1200) – The Saints have Derek Carr as the newly-signed starter and Jameis Winston as the backup.

(41) Tennessee (+235) – The Titans are reportedly looking to deal with Ryan Tannehill, and rumors are that they’ve “lost faith” in Malik Willis. But if all this is true, why didn’t Tennessee take Levis in the first round?

(42) Green Bay (+1600) – Are the Packers really comfortable with Jordan Love as the new starter?  Honestly, this may be the place. 

Other possibilities may include Atlanta at 44 (if they’re not completely sold on Desmond Ridder), New England at 46, Washington as the pick after that, and Tampa Bay (50th and slated to go with Baker Mayfield).

Could Miami be antsy about Tua? Who knows. Would Seattle exercise some luxury with its second second-round pick? We’ve got news for you; if none of these scenarios work out, Levis may slip even more. You can check the movement of odds at many NFL betting sites

The over-under right now on Levis’s draft position is 37.5 (-160 under, +120 over). If you like the idea of him going to the Rams, you’re better off taking the price of +600 than laying -160 since the Rams are the only team before the 38th pick, which is a real possibility.

All that is at BetOnline, where they have Day 2 and Day 3 draft odds and NFL Futures for you to explore. And you can sign up for an account with your credit card or any of a slew of crypto options!

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