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NFL Ratings Receive a Big Boost as a Result of Legalized Sports Betting

In a major boost for NFL games, the television viewership of these games has registered a jump of 5% to 16.7 million people. The digital viewership has also recorded a sharp surge of approximately 49% when compared with 2018, claimed the latest reports.

The 5% rise in NFL ratings took place after two years of consecutive dip.

The reason behind this rise in NFL ratings is mainly credited to legalized sports betting that played a vital role in improving its ratings. However, it may not be the sole factor. The rise in ratings has also become possible amid a surge in competitive games on the field and the emergence of young talents.

According to a report, football bettors have become the most loyal television viewers for NFL games. And, they will continue to watch the game to find if their dream team players are scoring or not. Betting has significantly changed the television watching habits.

A survey carried out by the American Gaming Association (AGA) specified that nearly 75% bettors are likely to watch an NFL game in case they have placed their bet on it, while 51% are likely to watch the commentary and pre-game show. And, approximately 63% are expected to assemble with their friends and family members for watching a game if they have placed a bet. Here are some of the best NFL betting sites to look out for to place your first bet of the season.

According to the American Gaming Association, six states have legalized Sports Betting USA. Now, yet another six states and District of Columbia are chalking out strategies to open legal markets soon.

Meanwhile, New York Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch said that the impact of sports betting is likely to grow in the coming time. He also went on to claim that soon, there will be a day when sports buff would be able to place a bet right inside the stadium.

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