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No US-born black player competes in Major League Baseball 2022

In 1983, Gary Matthews witnessed a surge of talented black players in the World Series. Names like Al Bumbry, Joe Morgan, Garry Maddox, Eddie Murray, and others were present. However, the Major League Baseball World Series 2022 seems devoid of US-born black players. However, this is the first instance since 1950 when Jackie Robison broke the color barrier. 

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s President, Bob Kendrick, was also surprised by the no US-born black player project. According to Bob, it is startling that cities with a massive African American count could not produce a single black player for the World Series. It shows that creating equal opportunities will take more work, added Bob. While the news was surprising, it did not affect most sports enthusiasts indulged at MLB betting sites. If anything, it solidified the Houston Astros’ position as the fan-favorite.

On the other hand, Richard Lapchick had a more critical assessment of the situation. As per Richard, the fall of black baseball athletes has been going on since the 1980s. They accounted for only 7.2% of the opening-day rosters in 2022. The numbers somewhat reflected a 7.6% in 2021, a startling dip compared to 18% in 1991. Seeing how MLB once had 38% athletes of color, the ongoing situation is alarming. However, some are still optimistic; many have shared great concern over the current events.

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