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Norway Continues to Celebrate Its Gambling Monopoly

Gambling has different notions and perceptions in different countries. Hence, certain countries are laid back in their legislations while others have stringent guidelines and laws laid down to govern the phenomenon. Some others deem gambling as illegal.

Norway is one country that has a balance of both worlds. It has had a long stint as a monopoly in gambling and is anticipated to continue to do so.

The Norwegian government has monopolized gambling to an extent where its citizens enjoy immense freedom to play bingo online and use online gambling casinos with free spins without fearing the infringement of laws.

Under the reign of the Norwegian government, industry’s Norsk Rikstoto and state-controlled Norsk Tipping are enabled to provide gambling services too. Some operators in the business might also register for approval to provide a controlled and safe gambling experience. But these firms don’t yet qualify for a complete authority license.

The staunch set of guidelines by Norwegian government mandates licensed operators of casinos to distribute 35% of the profits earned to Norsk Tipping and 30% of it to the public interest and noble causes.

Norweigh’s smart way of gambling regulation and its strong market position has also garnered interest from the European Free Trade Association. Norway is also a member of the Free Trade Association.

At a point, the EFTA apprised Norweigh regarding an upfront challenge if it imposes any regulations on its citizen’s gambling locations. Analysts of Norway’s approach have pinpointed its position having more to do with protecting revenues rather than addressing the real concerns of Norwegian punters.

The big news for the citizens of the homeland is that the government has never given into the warnings or blocked gambling websites’ IP addresses.

None of the Gaming Scheme Act, the Lottery Act, or the Totalisator Act prohibit Norwegian citizens from partaking in gambling activities that occur unlicensed. Norwegians can also use internet bingos and online casinos in any of the service providers they want.

Norweigh is home to some large gambling providers, operating sites in numerous languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, and Finnish. These sites enable inflow from all corners of the world, letting Norwegian citizens facilitating transactions using Norwegian krone.

Each of these sites also has steps laid down to ensure responsible gambling experience. Now gauging the advancements in the past couple of years, Norwegian citizens are assured of the continuance of liberty in playing bingo online, wherever they want.

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