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Oregon Lottery offers Taylor Swift Super Bowl bets via DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook, operated by Oregon Lottery, has enhanced the appeal of the forthcoming Super Bowl by incorporating a range of wagering options, including one that is associated with Taylor Swift’s renditions. This pertains to the upcoming matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, in which Taylor Swift’s songs will be available for wagering purposes.

There will be more wagering options, such as Shake it Off. Participants will be able to place wagers on issues such as who will open the scorecard first. Wildest Dream will include making wagers on individual player potential.

According to the betting news, Kerry Hemphill, manager of Sports Betting Products for the Oregon Lottery, asserts that the Super Bowl is the year’s most anticipated event. In order to live up to the grandeur of the occasion, the entire staff is fully equipped to deliver an exceptional experience for sports bettors.

There will be an expansion of prop wagering options in addition to the wagering options associated with various themes. Predictions pertaining to the hue of Gatorade for the victorious coach and the game’s Most Valuable Player will be included.

About 307,000 wagers were placed by Oregon participants through DraftKings Sportsbook in relation to the 2023 Super Bowl. In all, $5.3 million was contributed to the total sum wagered. One individual successfully completed a $21,000 wager by correctly predicting the outcomes of three consecutive league titles preceding the Super Bowl.

The Oregon Lottery, which was founded in 1985, has provided approximately $15.5 billion in support of these initiatives since its inception.

In November 2023, DraftKings and Oregon Lottery hosted a football watch party, which was distinguished by the attendance of former Seattle Seahawks player Cliff Avril. The event took place at The Independent Sports Bar & Grill and centered around the Seattle Seahawks-Dallas Cowboys matchup. Those in attendance were granted access to additional wagers and opportunities to win prizes.

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