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Betsson to sponsor Super Division Football League 2 in Greece

Betsson recently announced sponsoring another Super Division Football League. The event is set to take place in Greece from 2022 to 2023. Given Betsson’s participation, the league’s name is Betsson Super League 2. The online gaming corporation has actively supported Greek football. This time, Betsson will sponsor the event, which will include thirty teams.

The gaming platform will be accessible at each and every venue, bringing excitement to the fans. The collaboration aims to promote the ongoing development and support of sports in Greece via various measures.

As per the betting news, Betsson Group’s Managing Director for Greece, Thanos Marinos, also shared his thoughts on the matter. Thanos claims that Super League is one of the company’s most successful collaborations to date. It helps promote a sporting competition that draws participants from all around Greece.

It also involves athletes and teams willing to do everything it takes to win the championship. Betsson is sponsoring the league for the second time. The team is excited, as the league has also geared up for the action. 

Thanos continued by saying that the entire Betsson team is keeping their fingers crossed for a successful event in which each participant and viewer is provided with the very best experience possible.

Betsson released an official post on its website to inform football fans and bettors on top football betting sites about the partnership. Given the volume of traffic that the league has already generated, the event is anticipated to be a huge success. Therefore, the sponsorship deal is beneficial for Betsson, as it exposes the platform to a nationally recognized audience.

As the league proceeds, the online gambling platform will likely see an increase in regular users.

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