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Patrick Antonius and Eric Persson fight for record $1.9M pot

During the PokerGO million-dollar buy-in cash game, it was attainable to watch Patrick Antonius and Eric Persson, two of the game’s most aggressive players, battle it out for the record-breaking $1.9 million pot. The game, incidentally, was exceedingly well fought out and left little to the asking. It so occurred that the game was live-streamed.

There have been a lot of poker games played, but nothing came close to this very spectacular game that was played out between the two professional poker gamers. At the very commencement of the game, both of the involved players were seemingly carrying with them stacks of an enormous amount—more than a million dollars each. The stakes they happened to have been playing with were $1,000 to $2,000, with a $2,000 ante. When it was Persson’s turn, he put in $7,000 in total. 

Following this, and knowing that it was time for Antonius to make his move, he took a chance and bet $30,000 blind. Yong also pushed in his $30,000, ending the round with both Antonius and Persson, calling a flush draw. When it happened to be Antonius’ turn again, he came up with the amount of $40,000, which was raised to the amount of $140,000 when it came to Persson’s turn, who had decided to up the ante. This also witnessed the departure of Yong from the game.

The ultimate showdown finally arrived, with Antonius putting in the remaining $542,000. With that, the record $1,978,000 pot was born. This was something that had never been witnessed before in any poker tournament, and it turned out to be Patrick Antonius who managed to win and take along with him the staggering amount in winnings.

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