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Payments Firms Betting on New Wave of Sports Betting

Ventures like Worldplay and First Data are now looking forward to the impact of legalization of sports betting among casinos. Both companies will soon be known by two new names, FIS and Fiserv respectively. The legalization of sports betting is like a new wave of a new era, and a lot of people are looking forward to riding this wave. Wordplay and First Data happens to be two of those ventures.

Sports betting has always been something which was considered to be bad due to which it was done in certain ways, which made few things complicated, such as, payments.

Things were done under the radar of the law. As per of now that it is not something which can get you to jail people who enjoy gambling are looking forward to this opportunity.

So, the first things which need to be simplified will be payments. So, for such issue FIS and Fiserv like payment companies will be coming forward. The real-time payment which was hardly ever possible in traditional gambling can happen now.

These services are much needed as these sports gambling will be available for smartphone users too. Gambling always had an issue with fast or real-time payment, and it always took three to five days for a payment to happen.

“If you own both legs of the stool for sports gambling and can do issuing and the services off of the same platform, the value is tremendous,” said Joe Pappano, the senior vice president of gaming at Worldpay, now part of FIS.

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