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Pistons lose 27th basketball match for an NBA season record

This NBA season, the Detroit Pistons are not exactly experiencing the time of their lives. Basketball has become a sport wherein they have forgotten to shine. This comes after their 27th consecutive loss in the ongoing NBA season. Brooklyn Nets beat them by 118-112 despite an aggressive and promising start of 31-25 in the first quarter.

The Pistons have surpassed the record of 26 consecutive losses of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers in 2010–2011 and 2013–2014, respectively. They are still behind the 76ers in terms of overall loss. Philadelphia holds the record for losing 28 games back-to-back across two seasons. Detroit is next scheduled to visit the Boston Celtics, hoping to get a win and break the losing streak, finally.

A loose movement in the second and fourth quarters culminated in the 27th defeat for the Pistons. Scores were 23–36 and 27–30 in the same order. There is no doubt that the beginning was promising for Detroit, with fans hoping that their players would emerge victorious. If anything, the third quarter reiterated that strongly, as if there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Seeing a side lose 26 times with no win is painful. Players feel exhausted, and fans get disappointed. A basketball event against the Nets was a great chance to make a comeback.

According to the latest sports news, Cade Cunningham led the attack with 41 points, followed by Bojan, who netted 23 on the board. Brooklyn had more than a single player featured on the court. For instance, if Cameron contributed 24 points in total, then Mikal made up for the chase with his 21 points. Similarly, Nic, Cam, and Dorian were able to make their presence felt on the court pretty easily.

The field goal percentage is higher for Brooklyn at 50.0 compared to Detroit’s 44.4. Three-pointers are fairly decent for both sides. The Pistons recorded 9/25 for the record, and the Nets achieved 9/22 throughout the game.

The Pistons have been unfortunate on several occasions. The most recent one was with the Nets themselves at Barclays Center. Detroit fell short by 11 points to equalize the scoreboard. The final tally was 126-115 against them. The Jazz defeated them by a margin of 8 points for the same tally. Detroit did gain pace in the game but failed to keep it up, losing the event right from that point.

Barclays Center hosted the first game, seeing visitors win only the second and fourth quarters. The remaining games for the current year are with the Celtics and the Raptors. Next year will commence with a basketball event with the Rockets and the Jazz. As for the Nets, their remaining games for the current year are with the Bucks and the Wizards. Next year begins with a contest against the Thunder.

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