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Rise of Online Casinos In Japan

Japan is one of the prominent economies in Asia. It is home to many well-established organizations such as Toyota, Honda, and Hitachi, among others. After carving a place for itself in the world economy, Japan is now witnessing the rise in the popularity of online gambling – with scores of bettors betting on a daily basis.

The primary reason for the popularity of online casinos Japan is the support that gambling is getting from important stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem. People are not only interested in the gambling process, but the government and policymakers are also showing interest in investing in this booming business. The legislators in Japan want to incorporate online gambling activity to promote travel and tourism in the country. The policymakers are also witnessing the prospects of online gambling as one way to boost the entertainment industry. The revenue generated by online gambling activities could also prove to be a steady source of revenue for the government. Keeping the positive impacts of the gambling industry on the economy in mind, all stakeholders in the country are working in tandem to promote online gambling activities.

Osaka to emerge as a casino hub

The testimony of the supportive and open-minded attitude of the Japanese government towards online casinos can be estimated from the fact that Osaka authorities have extended the date for submission of the proposal related to the building of casino resorts in the Osaka City. In the very first phase of the liberalized casino policy adopted by the government, the three resorts with integrated casino facilities will be launched in the city. The necessary approvals and operational recommendations will be approved by the national government.

Venus Point and its role in boosting online casinos 

It is important to highlight the role of Venus Point (an online payment processing system) in boosting the popularity of online casinos in the country. The system allows customers to make transactions using the point system and is proving instrumental in helping online casinos to gain more popularity among bettors. With the help of a Venus Point, players can quickly deposit the money and make withdrawals. What’s more, these processes can be completed without having a need for a credit card. There are a number of online casinos that accept deposit and withdrawal with Venus Point, and the facility is helping the Japanese online casino industry to spread its wings far and wide.


The rising popularity of online casinos in Japan is proof that open and constructive policies towards gambling can create a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved in the industry, society, and government. The Japanese government has adopted an open-minded approach towards gambling, and other countries can take a cue from the policy adopted by Japan to promote gambling as a part of their travel, tourism, and entertainment industries.

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