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Rui Ferreira Finishes On The Top And Wins $287K

Rui Ferreira stood out among the 272 participants who did not hesitate to exchange $5,000 for 50,000 chips. It was for a chance to win the largest share of the prize pool of $1,292,000, along with the winner’s bracelet.

Rui Ferreira gained confidence during the European Poker Tour, where he scored 767,750 Euros and the championship title for 10,300 Euro EPT Barcelona High Roller.

The recent online poker news highlights that one championship is enough to get the best confidence level. Others may want to follow the trend and keep their hopes high.

Only the top 39 were eligible to get the share from the prize pool, with the top 7 qualifying for the final table. Rui Ferreira made it not just to the final table but also topped it to gain the largest share and the winning WSOP bracelet.

Samuli Sipila went out early for an exit, earning her $41,105 for a small party in Finland. Time to relax is always there following a heavy tournament against quality competitors. Holding on for a while could have increased earnings pocketed by Kidurim from Austria.

At 6th position, Kidurim went home with a share of $56,852 and a smile for reaching the top 7 out of a large number of participants. Kidurim sweated it all out, even if all that went for an off-toss. Next time could be more inclined towards his good fortune.

Gavin Cochrane sat tight until the game ended, giving him the 5th position and a share of $78,631. Not bad, though, considering the skills he can still hone to bounce back in the next championship, where the final table may have even tougher competitors.

Nothing stopped Brazil’s Joao Simao from crossing $100k. The 4th position close left Joao with $108,754 and the hope that there is a chance of crossing the three positions to top the table. Finland’s Eelis Parssinen shares the same emotion, except that the 3rd position did land in his poker portfolio.

The prize money of $150,416 suffices to carry him forward for a couple of days, boosting his morale that the worst may be far away if he continues to play his best on the table. The show will go on with only two steps on the ladder left for Eelis Parssinen to capture the crown.

Zhao Zi Long went head-to-head with Rui Ferreira. Long was able to land a bit of disappointment despite ending the championship in the second position. Emotions run high when you are close to finishing at the top. They are crushed when the miss is of a mere margin.

Long went long with $208,039 in his name after Rui Ferreira displayed a top-class game to claim $287,736.

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