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Run by a Chechen in Dubai, the Online Casino Tries to Conceal the Truth

Per the constitution of UAE, where gambling, gaming, or betting is banned, a Chechen is caught running his online casino site. Newspapers in the UAE have no reservations about running lengthy promotional and sponsored pieces that encourage such con artists.

According to the reports, a 29 years old Muslim named Ilman Shazhaev had developed the gaming site ‘Farcana,’ which allows its subscribers to gamble online with cryptocurrency. Infact, on the LinkedIn profile of this company, it is mentioned that it is a “Blockchain Services,” which means it is directly connected to the crypto sector. Ilman also claims that he is a techpreneur working remotely from Dubai and handles his offices in different countries such as Russia, Malaysia, and China. Till now, no pieces of evidence have been found for his offices across the world.

Julia Malakhova, PR manager for Ilman Shazhaev, tries to cover the truth. In her recent email to one of the media houses, it is clearly stated that she works in a company named “Input PR,” which is at the Al-Hudaiba Awards building in Dubai, UAE. Farcana, a project creating a shooting PC game, was founded by Ilman, Julia wrote. His business has a US patent, is duly registered in Dubai, and has nothing to do with the gaming sector. Documents from the register attest to it.

With the booming cryptocurrency market, people worldwide are choosing the best crypto casinos online for their gambling. Gone are the days of traditional online casinos; crypto casinos give the user faster payment transactions, bonuses, and different benefits. Though many Bitcoin casinos are safe to join and are licensed, Emirati laws make it a punishable offense.

It is clearly seen that Ilman Shazhaev’s company Farcana is attracting people by engaging them on gaming sites and giving them some financial rewards. Sources also claim that communist parties of different countries are involved in making individuals like Ilman and diverting them from the IT field to online betting businesses.

Edna Boykin

Edna Boykin started her career as a financial news writer. And, she was withal active in stock trading. From the commencement of her vocation, she is passionate about online poker games. As she likes to play poker and roulette, she knows the casino industry exhaustively. She recently joined Times of Casino as a news writer. She regularly contributes in-depth breaking stories and news updates of the casino industry.

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