Second Edition of ‘PRO SERIES’ Launched to Create Awareness About Skill Gaming in India

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), which has emerged as the apex industry body for policy, advocacy and regulation in gaming, has successfully launched the second edition of ‘Pro Series’ here on Tuesday. Pro Series seeks to introduce recognition and enhance awareness about the concept of online Skill Gaming in India.

AIGF launched the second edition of Pro Series this year in Mumbai. It organized a knowledge session in collaboration with leading international poker operator Pokerstars where it stressed issues like growth in the poker industry, the significance of self-regulation, legalized landscape of poker in India, growth of poker industry in Indian and global market, and accountable gaming.

Commenting on the purpose of the key initiative, Roland Landers, CEO of AIGF, said that the industry had registered strong growth for the business, and as far as adoption of players is concerned, lack of understanding still prevails in the sector. He emphasized on the need for creating more awareness among the concerned stakeholders. The main goal of Pro Series is to accomplish the goal wherein leading players, and other professionals in various domains can discuss the crucial insights about Poker. With effective discussion between players and professionals, it will become easier to identify the various skills required for playing the game. Poker has emerged as a popular mind game in India.

Landers added,

Landers added,

Online poker industry has registered sharp growth in India in a short time span. The industry is expected to occupy approximately 15 percent share of the total online skill gaming in India.

Ankur Dewani, CEO of PokerStars India, asserted that it brings him immense joy to see that India has successfully taken up poker and other vital games of skills at a large scale. These games are no more viewed as a source of entertainment, and they can offer a strong platform for those planning to learn the latest skills. He emphasized that his motive will remain enhancing this growth by making an investment in ATL marketing campaigns, which is strikingly similar to the one that PokerStars launched in India’s first Poker TV ad campaign earlier this year in March.

He added that his company would introduce tough policies and other vital measures to boost the safety and security of players who have been using the platform of PokerStars. The policies will also help in boosting the experience of players as well.

Meanwhile, AIGF has been in favor of a regulated Online Gaming platform in India for a long time, and Pro Series has emerged as one of the key initiatives that seek to sensitize and inform the community about the Online Poker industry via crucial knowledge sessions on gaming events, conferences among others.

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