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Soheb “TommyConway6” Porbandarwala Wins the WSOP Gold in Event

The WSOP Gold In Event #4: $1,000 PLO 6-Max recently wrapped up with an unexpected winner. Soheb TommyConway6 Porbandrwala surprised everyone by beating the 273-entry pool to win 57,125 dollars.

This is Soheb’s first gold bracelet, making the performance impressive against 129 players. While the event boasted a massive 245,700 dollars prize pool, it only lasted a mere 10 hours.

Before the competition, Soheb had 1,067,084 dollars in live earnings with a win in the 2020 WPT Online Poker Open Main Event. Soheb won over 239,820 dollars for securing first place at the event.

As expected of the WSOP Gold In Event, several notable players appeared throughout the day. Names like Kathy Luckygal Liebert, Justin Jsaliba2 Saliba, and 4-time bracelet winner Jeff NedrudRelyt Madsen were present.

Others like Eric powwow Ethans (3,488 dollars for 20th place), Alex RIP_Neiko Rocha (3,660 dollars for 13th place), and Martin Bathroomline Zamani (4,152 dollars for 9th place) also made the competition tougher.

With the mentioned players boasting multiple gold bracelets under their belt, Soheb showed amazing detriment to secure first place. Here is how the final table looked at the end:-

Rank Player Country Prize
1st Soheb “TommyConway6” Porbandarwala USA 57,125 dollars
2nd Andre “RiderStrong” Nyffeler USA 40,909 dollars
3rd Tristan “Truqs” Wade USA 29,484 dollars
4th Stanley “stanman420” Lee USA 21,105 dollars
5th Michael “BrockLesnar” Holtz USA 14,840 dollars
6th  Matthew “HuniDeGrande” Stone USA 10,687 dollars

The final table witnessed several intense clashes throughout the day. Matthew was first to leave the table after losing to Andre’s queens securing a “straight.”

Michael was quick to follow after losing the hand to Tristan and Soheb. Stanley dropped to fourth place, securing another elimination for Soheb. Wade also lost to Soheb after going all in with Jacks in hand.

The head-ups started with Soheb boasting a 4-1 chip lead, making it look like an easy win for Porbandarwala. However, Andre managed to even the chips before losing to Soheb’s “straight” shortly after.

The fifth event is set to start on Thursday as players show up to compete against several Poker giants.

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