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South Korea confirms Son against Uruguay in FIFA World Cup 2022

Paulo Bento, coach of the South Korea football team, attended a session with the media to brief them on the update that their captain, Son Heung-Min, will feature in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 match against Uruguay. Son suffered a fractured eye socket earlier this month while competing with Marseille in Tottenham Champions League.

Sustaining the injury came as a shock, as Son had to be benched for the next three games. There were rumors that he might be able to participate, but Bento has confirmed that he will be on the list for the play.

When asked about his health, Bento said that Son was doing well and that he would be wearing a mask during the event.

Bento said Son can play, he will be wearing a mask that is rather natural to him and not an inconvenience.

Son has been seen wearing the mask throughout practice. There was no confirmation of this presence. Such injuries require time to heal, during which players observe matches from the bench. Son’s presence on the field for his team’s debut match is unquestionably due to his commitment.

South Korea and Uruguay compete today for 3 points in Group H. Upcoming fixtures for both teams are going to be against Portugal and Ghana.

All eyes are on the one in which Uruguay hopes to win. Talking about his plan, Bento said that the side will stick to their strategy with the hope that Son remains comfortable to the greatest extent possible.

The Uruguayan team will not be an easy opponent. Bento acknowledged this fact at his press conference, stating that South Korea anticipates their match against Uruguay to be a difficult one. Bento admired Uruguay’s technical proficiency, which made them a formidable opponent.

He further highlighted that Uruguay is a well-organized team that is backed by players who have tons of experience playing in FIFA World Cup fixtures.

We will have to be the best to compete with Uruguay, concluded Bento.

Portugal and Ghana are scheduled to play the second fixture of Group H today, immediately after Uruguay vs. South Korea concludes. The day, however, will start with a fixture from Group G, where Switzerland goes up against Cameroon.

Circling back to Son and Bento, the forward will have a few minutes to prove that he can go throughout the event. If not, he may have to make his way back to the bench in the middle of the game. Son has been practicing diligently since his arrival in Qatar, despite his injury.

It remains to be seen whether Son makes it to the final round. South Korea vs. Uruguay will be a must-watch event, with South Koreans cheering their captain for his determination in representing the country to the best of his capacity.

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