Sportsflare Teams Up With HUDstats to Bring Esports Gambling Technology

Sportsflare, a Tiidal Gaming company that owns and runs important companies in the esports ecosystem, will collaborate with esports analytics supplier HUDstats. The two parties will collaborate to create a unique positional gambling gadget for three of the most popular esports titles.

The two additional partners will each contribute to the venture by using their respective skills and experience in the betting and gaming industries. The new gadget, which will include Counter-Strike: Dota 2, League of Legends, and Global Offensive, will be a useful addition to the esports gambling ecosystem.

So, what exactly does this widget do, and how does it function? In a nutshell, it allows players to wager on where and how the next significant in-game event will occur. Esports gamblers, for example, can wager on which side will score the next kill, which bomb location criminal gamers will select for the bomb in Counter-Strike, which tower will be toppled next in Dota 2 or League of Legends, and so on.

This enables esports bettors to place multiple smaller bets throughout the course of a single contest at this one of the top esports betting sites. Furthermore, it may make the experience far more interesting and involved since the gambler will be invested in how the game unfolds, which side has a lead start, which team makes a comeback, and when does it happen, and so on. 

Max Polaczuk, the founder and CEO of Sportsflare, commented on the newly formed collaboration. Polaczuk stated that he is pleased to be working with a business like HUDstats, which he believes has the same goal for the present and future of esports gambling. The CEO thinks that the cooperative positional gambling gadget will demonstrate the two sides’ ability to work together.

Andrei Balanescu, the founder and CEO of HUDstats, feels that the partnership with Sportsflare is a step forward for both sides. He is impressed with how effectively Sportsflare’s unique in-play odds match HUDstats’ unrivaled visualization tools. Balanescu is certain that by collaborating, the two partners will be able to determine the future of betting in esports.

Sportsflare has announced another collaboration with sports gambling pioneer Bet on Action Gaming. Sportsflare will act as a mentor for BOA Gaming as it learns more about the esports sector under the terms of the agreement. With these agreements in place, it appears Sportsflare is confident in bringing new ideas to the sector.


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