Tabcorp To Use AI To Boost Sports Betting Operation

Tabcorp is considering using artificial intelligence to improve its sports betting business operations. The technology built by the business allows for predictions of NFL game results, giving sports gamblers more options to play on.

Tabcorp, Australia’s largest gambling company, recently stated that it would not fight against the ban on credit cards, one of the payment methods in gambling in the nation. The operator has also indicated that it has turned its attention to online gaming platforms regarding the COVID-19 epidemic and associated occurrences.

Tabcorp’s online initiatives may not be the only aim to stay ahead of competitors like Ladbrokes and Sportsbet. According to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, the operator wants to use artificial intelligence to improve its sports betting operations (AI).

For sports fans, there are different options to bet on athletes; the new AI software is intended to increase that even further. According to David Beirne, general manager of trading at Tabcorp, artificial intelligence will dramatically expand the market for betting for sports fans.

AI Tool for High-Scalability

The company’s new AI technology will work by performing “simulations” to forecast the result of all American Football games. It will allow Tabcorp to give sports fans extra elements of the game to bet. According to reports, the AI software took a year to create. Based on data and more than 10,000 simulations per second, the program can forecast the likely outcome. Start betting on NFL games today on some of the best online NFL betting sites and win big!

The platform will help in boosting Tabcorp’s sports betting offerings. The AI technology will be used for NFL games at first, just in time for the start of the season in September. By keeping this aspect in mind, the tool may be utilized for tennis and NBA games shortly.

At present, Tabcorp provides sports lovers with world-class, diverse gaming choices. There are around 3.7 million registered users and over 5,000 staff; the business has grown to become Australia’s successful gaming provider.

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