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Three teams secure their NFL playoffs in Week 15

The NFL’s 15th week has seen three more teams cement their position in the playoffs. These are the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens. The most recent ones are the Ravens after beating the Jaguars in a 23-7 tally. The Cowboys are the second to confirm a spot in the playoffs. The Eagles follow them.

According to the latest sports news, Baltimore versus Jacksonville, no way came close to the kind of game one would call competitive. It was a dominant segment led by the Ravens right from the start. The only downside was in the 3rd quarter, but they had gained a massive margin till then. As a matter of fact, they were at 10 points, while the opponent could only secure 7 points with their attack.

The Jaguars were nil in two consecutive quarters, scored seven, and fell to their heads in the concluding minutes of the game. The National Football League saw Lamar Jackson run the most for the winners, coming in at 171 yards with one TD and one interception. Trevor Lawrence, even though left alone, brought 264 yards with 1 TD.

Dallas were down by 10-31 until the last moment of the game; however, they made it with a table tally of 10-4. An advancement was put on the table only after the Packers lost to the Buccaneers by 20-34.

The Cowboys played football primarily in the second and fourth quarters. Others were left for the Bills to strike. Dallas has two more games in store—one with the Dolphins and another with the Lions. The schedule will then move to January next year, when the Commanders have no intention of losing to the Cowboys.

Philadelphia is at 10-3, set to go against Seattle, standing at 6-7. The Eagles have lost their previous two games—13-33 versus the Cowboys and 19-42 versus the 49ers. A victory came by a thin margin of 3 points when the game was against the Bills.

Another game that fans have looked at curiously is between the Rams versus the Commanders. Los Angeles bagged the win by 28-20 for an equal tally of 7-7, while Washington landed a 10-4 table tally against their name. What triggered the fall was gaining momentum pretty late in the game. It was only in the third quarter, that is, after halftime, that the side scored 7 points. In conclusion, they scored 13 points while restricting the Rams to just 8 points.

Moving forward, the game between the Eagles and the Seahawks will have a lot of attention since it decides the fate of the Lions. The Seahawks either have to lose the game or land a tie for them to get to the playoffs. The Lions, if they don’t make it, have a win of 42-17 to be proud of. It was achieved against the Broncos despite getting off to a slow start.

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