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Two Finalists by Danville, Illinois Officials for Proposed Casino

In a meeting, Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. told the city council that there is a proposed casino development project in the city of Danville, Illinois, and two finalists have been down by the officials for this proposed casino.

Mayor told one of the elected members of the city council that they invited three developers for a face-to-face interview. One of them declined the offer, and now, leaders have only two options. Last month, he was planning to give a developer to the city council, but it did not happen. Then also, the project continued till it meets to the deadline of casino application, i.e. 28th October 2019.

Williams informed the council that both the finalists opt for the same property for the proposed site. Due to this, the leaders of the city step forward to rezone the land. In the recent meeting, it was decided that the planning and zoning commission of the city will consider the matter. After considering, the commission will recommend and vote for the rezoning of land.

Both finalists are considering the same land in the industrial park of the city. It is situated right off Interstate 74 with the exit ramps. Indiana state line is adjacent to it. The site is one hour away from the capital of Indiana State, which is considered to be the largest city with 2 million population. There is a very little distance from the Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington-Normal communities situated in central Illinois with a population of more than 420,000.

Mayor is planning to give the recommendations of the committee to the city council on 17th September 2019. According to William, both of the finalists are strong but in different ways. Till then, the city will look after the financial and regulatory backgrounds of both the finalists.

Illinois passed the gaming bill, and now, Danville can pursue casino. This bill helps in generating revenue for the underfunded pension system of the state. William said that the casino would develop 600 full-time as well as part-time job opportunities in the city of 33,000 people. The city will also get $7 million of tax revenue. The casino in Danville will open by the end of 2021.

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