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Unibet becomes NHL’s partner for sports betting in Sweden

Kindred Group’s Unibet has become the first official sports betting partner for the NHL in Sweden. The development comes after a multi-year agreement was signed between the two. It allows Unibet important access to marketing rights and content specifically tailored to enhance the audience’s experience.

With access to marketing rights, Unibet will be able to run more exciting marketing campaigns and do a better job of promoting the sport in Sweden.

Unibet already offers ice hockey. A certification in Sweden increases the company’s presence and offerings in Sweden. The ultimate objective is to provide customers with a more authentic experience. The partnership between Unibet and Sweden will be supported by Sportradar, the NHL’s official betting rights partner.

John Lewicki, the VP of Business Development & Partnerships at the NHL, has welcomed this opportunity, saying it will now work to engage with its robust and expanding fan base in Sweden. John has also expressed excitement about the collaboration. He has emphasized that Kindred Group is well known for investing in responsible gambling and gaining much recognition.

Philip Lagstrom, the Country Manager of Unibet Sweden at Kindred Group, has responded to the statement by expressing his pride and happiness in becoming the first betting company to become the official sponsor of the NHL. Philip has highlighted that Unibet hopes to increase interest in the sport and the league.

Calling the sport and the league essential for the venture, Philip has assured that Unibet will offer its customers the safest, best, and most secure gaming experience to become their first choice and cement its position in the market.

Philip said that the upcoming years would be pretty exciting for the game.

However, the level of excitement is consistently high for virtually every game. The Blackhawks and the Ducks, for example, finished a close contest with a score of 2-3. The United Center held their breath until the overtime announcement when the Ducks secured the lead and the victory.

Each team scored two goals in the second session. To keep everyone on their toes, the last two sessions were goalless. The heartbeat was actually quite audible until the Ducks took the lead.

No one expected a close game to follow a loss of 1-5 for the Predators against the Golden Knights. It was a near replica of the Red Wings versus the Oilers, where Edmonton remained 3 steps ahead for the win.

The upcoming match will see the Rangers face the Canucks, followed by the Stars versus the Wild. NHL sports betting sites are grabbing every opportunity to promote the sport and its excitement.

Sweden will do the same in the days to come with Unibet, allowing fans to participate with the utmost responsibility. Kindred Group is tasked with keeping up with its commitments, which should really be a piece of cake as per its reputation.

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