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U.S. Soccer X Sportradar: Boosting global Federation growth

U.S. Soccer has announced its long-term partnership with Sportradar. The overall idea is to facilitate the growth of the sport with several milestones that both will look to achieve collectively. For instance, the most important milestone to be achieved is delivering data and content to fans across the world. That is, the availability of key pieces of information will be in the hands of the fan community irrespective of their geographical location.

In technical terms, Sportradar will enhance and expand its distribution to a broader audience size. This gives U.S. Soccer an opportunity to commercialize data. The Federation will leverage the wide network of its partner that is spread in major regions. This includes over 900 betting operators functioning in regulated markets and 350 media clients.

Needless to say, Sportradar is now the official source of data and content for the fans of U.S. Soccer. It has gained exclusive rights to distribute official betting and media data. It will simultaneously collect and license the same in addition to distributing rights for live A.V. streaming of competitions.

The agreement between Sportradar and U.S. Soccer covers 111+ matches for both categories – U.S. Men’s National Team and U.S. Women’s National Team competitions. Some of the major tournaments that will feature at Sportradar are SheBelieves Cup and Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. The development comes at the right time since U.S. Soccer is in talks with the Mexican Football Federation to launch a collective bid for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027. If secured, both regions will jointly host the tournament on their respective grounds.

The Integrity Services by Sportradar will be utilized by U.S. Soccer. The objective is to monitor FIFA betting activities via Integrity Audit, Intelligence & Investigation Services, Universal Fraud Detection System, and Education & Prevention. Moreover, they will host anti-match fixing workshops.

Sportradar has previously collaborated with CONMEBOL. The list of partners now includes UEFA, FIFA, Asian Football Confederation, and Bundesliga, along with CONMEBOL.

Eric Conrad from Sportradar has acknowledged the intensity of following that U.S. Soccer has all over the world, whether it is for Men or Women. The Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnership & Content has said that the partnership with U.S. Soccer reflects their commitment to bringing the sport to a wider group of audience. Eric has further stated that this is likely to intensify the spirit of fans in terms of placing bets on a game.

Eric is confident that the association will position them effectively in the market through their technology, scalability, and leadership, giving them the right to monetize for better value creation.

Ross Moses, from U.S. Soccer, has called the partnership with Sportradar massive, adding that this will accelerate the growth of the sport and give them a chance to add new partners to the network. The Vice President of Business Ventures of U.S. Soccer has called Sportradar an industry leader and is confident of its success in the years to come.

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