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Valorant Champions Tour 2023 winning odds discussed

The Valorant Championship Tour 2023 brings together three regions: the Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA. Teams will play differently this year, but statistics are generally predictable based on how things have gone in the past. The Valorant Champions Tour will conclude in 2023, with the world champions being announced for those who made it through the first step and qualified for the main league.

With Fnatic and Natus Vincere at the helm, EMEA appears in good hands. In the previous edition, Fnatic performed admirably in the domestic league. Assuming the team continues the momentum in its favor, all the top eSports betting sites will rule in their favor at every turn. NaVi dominated the Euro in 2022, gaining the reputation of staying ahead. However, the competition is fierce for the final spot, and NaVi has much to tackle.

KOI, Team Vitality, and FUT Esports, among others, may have a lower chance of moving ahead. Nonetheless, the platform is competitive and open for the display of the best skills at the Valorant Champions Tour 2023.

Americas has more teams that are likely to emerge victorious. Cloud9 and NRG are a few names. They have veterans who have proved their worth in the team. Not to forget, 100 Thieves is not far behind in the competition. Talents are further spread across Leviatan, LOUD, and Sentinels.

Participants in eSports betting may also want to track the performance of Evil Geniuses and FURIA Esports. The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 could see upsets that match the level of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The Pacific League comes with only two potential toppers: Paper Rex and DRX. They will have acquired some of the best players to face the above mentioned teams. They caused damage at domestic-level tournaments and have extended that attitude to the international level. Assuming both teams keep going with the urge to kill, they will likely stand firm ahead of every other team from the Americas and EMEA.

The Pacific region is also fielding other teams like Team Secret, Zeta Division, and Global Esports.

Riot Games is to host the third edition, with more details to be shared. Predictions for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 are, as one can say, rough since the final outcome will depend on details that Riot Games shares in the future.

The Challengers League is expected to play a huge role in this edition. While it was crucial to quality in the previous edition, it is more significant this time because teams that survive the Challenger League will make it big on the international stage. Teams entering the Challenger League this year will, if crowned winners, appear in the big leagues in the next year, 2024.

Call it a small league, but the Challenger League gets the maximum coverage because it is the best choice for the broadcasters. Knowing their odds is therefore important for Valorant Champions Tour 2023 enthusiasts.

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