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Various Types of Online Casino Games Gamblers Should Know About

Online casino games are those that are played over the internet. The online casino games gained momentum with the advent of the internet since the mid of the 90s, and now it is a multi-dollar industry. Online casinos give the players the sheer pleasure of playing from the comfort of their homes, with a real experience of playing and rewarding just as in a land-based casino.

Types of online casino games

There are three types of online casino games available that the gamblers can enjoy from the comforts of their home or while on holiday. All that they need are a computer and a robust internet. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, casino games are also compatible with mobile, tablets and other electronic devices.

Web-based casinos

These are websites-based casinos where the player in order to take part in a casino needs to log on to that particular website and get started. There is no need to download any software into their computer in order to take part in these casinos. The owner’s browser plug-ins symbolize the games, but there is a dire need of bandwidth to be able to enjoy the graphics, sounds and images.

Download-based online casinos

These need the users to download the online casino software into their computers in order to enjoy the casino games. The software can directly connect to the casino operator without any browser support. Download-based casinos run faster as compared to the web-based casinos, as all the animations and programs are located in the software itself. The only disadvantage of download-based casinos is that as the software is downloaded, it takes some time for download and may also attach risks of malware and spyware. Installing a robust anti-virus software into your computer can safeguard from these risks to some extent.

Live-based casinos

These casinos allow the players to enjoy a real-time experience as if he is inside a brick and mortar casino. The gamer can interact with other players and live dealers at the tables just as in a live casino, by using the real-time web window.

Casino Game Resources

Here are some of the casino game resources discussed, have a look.


Online slot machines give you the same experience as you have enjoyed in a real brick and mortar casino. That is to say, you place the bet and pull the virtual lever instead of the real one, and the number of drums starts spinning around. As the drums come to rest with the different images on them lining up, the various configurations of images give out the prize payouts to the lucky winners. Over 90% of the online casino games fall under this category, which in turn can be subdivided into the following groups.

  1. Video slots- these are modern casino games that are inundated with cool graphics, innovative features and themes.
  2. Classic slots – these are timeless games with more functionalities to have a lifetime experience. Slots include fruit machines or other classic slot machines of the recent era.
  3. Progressive jackpot slots- Online slots often spurt the progressive jackpots, which is the best part of playing online slot games, thereby routinely reaching out to the millions of gambling enthusiasts.


This casino game counts itself as one of the classic table games that were first conceived somewhere in Europe. The object of the game lies in drawing playing cards whose face value adds up to 21 with the royal cards counted as 10, and the Ace counted as 11 or 1.


This is a guessing game and the player can win simply by guessing whether the opponent has a better hand.


Often referred to as the King of Casino Games, this game is based on pure chance. It has a wheel with numbered slots on the inside ring, in black or red. The bet is placed on the number a player thinks will come up. Then the wheel is spun by the dealer and he drops a silver ball into the wheel that bounces and comes to rest as the wheel slows down, and that is the winning number.

Therefore, if you are a gambling enthusiast and want to experience all the above casino games from the comfort of your home, Slotty Vegas is the right platform for you. You can enjoy over 2000 online casino games and video slots from over 40 casino game providers, which means you get the chance to explore one of the extensive online casino game portfolios.

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