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Women’s soccer gains more fans, draws investors

FIFA released a benchmarking report on Friday covering women’s soccer that the title sponsors for women’s leagues have increased to 77% compared to the 11% last match in 2021, and the broadcasting revenue grew to 10.

FIFA’s latest edition found growth across the board from broadcast, matchday, prize money sources and commercial market. In the present edition, the organization revealed that the revenue growth is 7% from clubs that generate $1 M and above. It also states that the commercial value of the League grew to 24%, and the commercial revenue of the Club has increased to 33% in one year, indicating the growing interest from the sponsors.

The reports have shown the benefits of investments. The Club, selling merchandise, generated $311,000 in commercial revenue and the teams that spend $100,000 and above on activation and marketing have generated average revenues of $1.1M.

According to the latest sports news, the data has directed investors to invest in the Women’s soccer team. When it comes to online sportsbooks offering betting lines, the world’s most popular sport will not suffer from the shortage of finding the best soccer betting sites with the correct information.

FIFA’s chief women’s football officer Sarai Bareman said that the growth in the second edition spotlights that the investment in women’s soccer would be a wise investment, especially for the people at the higher levels of the game to understand the opportunity in front of them. The women’s soccer sport had gained momentum giving major attention to the upcoming summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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