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2024 NBA Finals preview: Boston Celtics vs Dallas Mavericks Game 5

The Dallas Mavericks have forced the Boston Celtics to play the 5th game on the chart. Boston was leading by 3-0. They are now at 3-1 deficiency. Another game and the final lap could land everyone’s attention in the stadium or TV channels. The Celtics are favorites to clinch the win but the Maverick’s performance cannot be undermined. They can still rebound from a 3-0 to make it a 3-3 by winning 2 more games.

The money line on Dallas is +229 while on Bostin is -286. The overall tally could be over or under 209.5. Boston has a spread of -6.5. What made the 4th game a pivotal moment for Boston was the end of their 10-game winning streak. Nevertheless, they still have a chance at moving past the record of holding 17 titles. It is shared with the Los Angeles Lakers. Game 5 of the series will be hosted at TD Garden on Monday at 8:30 pm ET.

One reason why the Boston Celtics are favorites is because their offense is aiming to come back to form. They were not precisely up to the mark in the previous game – but all is gone and forgotten for the team. Jayson Tatum is someone the opponents should be worried about. He has contributed 4 double-doubles in the last 6 games.

Jaylen Brown has been silent for a while. That could change for the shooting guard after having brought up 10 points in the fourth game.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks will rely on Luka Doncic for a little while, probably till the time the Celtics don’t figure out what’s happening. Luka is credited with bagging 29 points plus 5 rebounds. He has yet to score anything less than 27 in the series till now. He also has 1 triple-double in the finals of the NBA.

Kyrie Irving scored for the 11th consecutive game with Friday seeing him in double digits. This is very likely good news because the Mavericks could use another helping hand. However, some of the best NBA betting sites are not or are little, affected by these promises. They continue to favor the Boston Celtics as favorites. It is important to note that the actual outcome may be different and predictions like these are not guaranteed outcomes.

The Mavericks were 122-84 in the fourth game against the Celtics. Boston never really gained a lead throughout the four-quarter play. Luka was the top scorer with 29 points to his name, followed by Kyrie with 21 points. It was only Tatum who bagged the maximum for his side, accumulating 15 points on the basketball court. He was assisted by Sam Hauser with 14 points.

Boston was last seen at the top of the Eastern Conference. Dallas was seen hanging out at the 5th position of the Western Conference.

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