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AWFC x Stake: Worldwide promotion of Dambe

Dambe, a traditional boxing game based in Nigeria, is watched by millions of people across the world. Obviously, to put it, the broadcast is restricted to regions where AWFC is made available. AWFC is the African Warriors Fighting Championship. That is the same tournament that is now eyeing a boost in its outreach. This is imperative to note because the partnership between Stake and AWFC is majorly based on this fundamental principle.

AWFC is confident of the fact that joining hands with Stake, an online betting site, will help it gain recognition all over the world. In return, Stake is expected to get the visibility of its brand. The proposal on the table pertains to the visibility of its logo on the player’s jersey, location, and digital channels. More mediums could be open with no restriction whatsoever.

The Stake features a partnership with UFC and Israel Adesanya. The one with AWFC marks the first collaboration in Africa.

The Championship is hopeful that it will be able to leverage the global reputation of the betting brand to gain due recognition. The core idea is to make sure that Dambe reaches out to as many people as possible. The fight has gained traction in major regions and is not just looking to take that forward. Needless to say, Dambe is hugely popular in Nigeria. It is contested in three rounds. Players are tasked to put the opponent down.

AWFC is comparatively a young venture. It was founded by Maxwell Kalu in 2019 with the sole objective of pushing Dambe beyond the local borders. Nigerian boxing may be popular in the region, but its success currently depends on how well people in other places view it. Dambe is logically competing with other sporting events like basketball, football, cricket, and baseball, to mention a few. The success will be guaranteed if it opens the doors for participants from other countries too.

Stake is gaining visibility. Whether it covers bets for the event remains to be seen. Assuming Stake joins the line-up, it will still remain to be seen how many sports betting sites come forward to take up the sport on their platform. Maxwell Kalu has acknowledged their partnership with Stake as the first of its kind, adding that it is a huge moment for the sport and also an exciting step to make the Nigerian sport a global phenomenon.

Maxwell has said that Dambe is now making some real strides, also highlighting that partnering with Stake is impressive growth for them.

Akhil Sarin, the Director of Procurement at Stake, has called AWFC a young brand with plans that are exciting. They see a huge potential in Dambe, and adding them is a huge step forward in building its reputation with combat sports, especially in the African market.

Stake and AWFC collaborating to promote Dambe brings out the need to find a partner that can enhance outreach and recognition among the people irrespective of their geographical locations. Also, having a good brand by one’s side showcases the reputation they have in the market.

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