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Betting On Sports 2019: 300 world leaders gear up to take the conference a notch higher

It is no secret that Betting on Sports conference has grown from strength to strength over the years. The CasinoBeats summit has been added. This year, the consequential event will be held in September from the 17th to 20th. Both the leaders of DraftKings and Pinnacle had very good things to say about online sports betting. However, it has become pretty clear that they are not the only ones who have a positive approach to this new development in the sector when it comes to betting on sports.

It is important to understand that this event will be a big deal for the various individuals in the area of sports betting. Among the popular keynote speakers, two of them are hall of Famers. There will be more than 3000 delegates present to listen to 300 experts from the industry.

The highlight of the BOS2019 might be the newest initiative of building something that has come to be known as “New Safer Gambling Forum.” This initiative at the conference includes the prestigious organizations in the industry like Safer Gambling Solutions, Epic Risk management, etc. It is being said that this move has been made following the footsteps of the UK, that has decreased the maximum stakes on oddballs. According to the authorities, this step was taken to see to it that there is a level of enhanced safety in the industry and that once the safety is ensured in the sector, there will be a further opportunity for development. To keep those involved with the conference updated, an SBC connect app has been designed that helps in the further integration of the sources to make the conference successful, and guide the individuals concerned with it.

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