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Casino Slang: The Most Commonly Used Words and Their Meaning

There are different internal languages for every society. American Football fans have their “blitz”; basketballers are “dropping dimes” and so on. Learning the words and phrases is a must for anyone who wants to take their casino experience to the next level. Whether you are playing blackjack, poker, or craps, you will need to know what these terms mean in order to be able to communicate with any dealer or other player. This blog post is here to help! We have compiled a list of some of the most commonly used words and phrases you might hear at your casino.

List of Some of Commonly Used Words at Casino:-

Crap Out

Crap Out in casino slang means to lose all one’s chips.

Field Bet

A field bet is a type of bet in craps, also known as “pass line” bets. It pays off if the point ends up being a number that’s not an odd or even number (a “field” bet).


It is the amount of money that someone has available to spend at a casino.

House Edge

House Edge is the percentage of each bet that the house will win overtime on average due to its cut of every wager made in the game. It is the major way how the casino makes money.

Cash Out

This one means to take the winnings and leave.


A Crapshoot means something that it’s not worth risking anything for or a gamble with very low odds of success. 

Poker Face/Poker Tells

In poker, this is someone who does not show any emotion on their face to give away if cards on hand are good or not.


Cage in casino slang means the area where the casino cage is. It is the place where you change chips into money and vice versa.


A croupier in a casino is the same as a casino dealer, so the person who runs the game or table.

Card Sharp

Card sharp is the name you call someone who is good with cards.

Card Washing

This does not mean literally taking cards and cleaning them but rather mixing them on the table before shuffling. Nowadays, it is rarely used because there are machines that shuffle the deck.


The house in casino slang means the casino itself or can also refer to any establishment that takes bets, such as betting shops and horse racing tracks. 


This is the casinos’ currency that is used to play games and gamble. In the casinos, a chip is usually given out one for each dollar in your account, but this can vary depending on how much you have deposited. They have different values and are made of plastic or clay. They are well-secured from being stolen.

Double Down

If you double your bet before the dealer checks to see if they have blackjack, then this is known as a ‘Double Down’. It’s usually risky because it can be hard for even the best players to know what cards will come out next to determine whether doubling will payback.

High Roller

High rollers are those players who like to gamble and bet large sums of money. The high roller is usually the one responsible for bringing in a casino’s revenue, which means they get treated with respect by other gamblers at the table as well as floor managers and dealers.

Pit Boss

Pit boss is the well-dressed man or woman who watches over a gambling table and always has one eye on the players. They are in charge of overseeing the casino’s games, keeping track of payouts/winners, as well as providing security to those at their tables from cheating players or other gamblers getting too rowdy.


They are the people who do not play the game but instead watch the game. Railbirds can be casino employees, security guards, or customers who are not playing but just watching from a distance. They need to be far enough not to be able to influence the game.


This is high-roller but leveled up. A whale is someone who drops a lot of money on gambling. They do not have to be able to buy the casino, but they are definitely extremely wealthy and spend thousands or even millions at one time.

Card Counting

This technique in blackjack is when a player wants to know the probability of being dealt certain cards. Players will memorize or count how many times they are dealt each card color and then use that information to make decisions about their play in subsequent hands. It is considered as cheating because casinos do not want players to know their odds of winning.


Pigeon is not a lost bird in the casino but a player who is easily manipulated. They gamble impulsively and without much thought on their bets, so they are an easier target for the casino to make money from.


The few words given above are only a small piece of the whole live casino dictionary. Sometimes slang differs depending on countries, but some words are universal. It’s not necessary to be a casino expert, but more than enough knowledge about lexicon will make you less vulnerable in the game and give opportunity for higher winnings.

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