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Christian Pulisic Criticizes USMNT Fans for Minimal Support

Christian Pulisic celebrated the victory of 3-0 against Morocco on a lower note as the USMNT fans did not show up as expected. The number reportedly stood at 19,512 at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, where 26,000 fans could have been comfortable. Out of those who showed up, most of them held Morocco close to their hearts with obvious visual support for the team.

While talking to the press, Christian Pulisic openly called out the fans while talking to the press by saying that he was not super happy with the number of Americans who showed up, adding that he was still thankful to the ones who came. He referred to those Americans who should have been there to support their national team before bidding them goodbye for the World Cup.

Fans are, however, not to be blamed for what happened. The US Soccer Federation requires them to introspect if setting a higher price was worth it. Tickets went for sale in the range of $60-$160 before fees, with many paying an average of $100.

Three figures are more common during the World Cup qualifiers, matches that normally are sold out. One against Morocco was more of an exhibition match, and the home team had the advantage of being stronger than their opponent.

Plus, TQL Stadium was predicted to host rains as well. That did not happen, and the game went on physically with emotional damage in the end. World Cup years witness people in large gatherings support their teams, and this one turned out to be an exception.

Another reason fans probably did not show up is that they had already seen their team in action four times in the last eight months. It was a fresh morning for the supporters of Morocco when the sun rose after 16 years to welcome their team, the stateside against the US.

Enthusiasm went overhead with the crowd banging drums and kicking soccer balls while others danced to cheer the players. There was a moment of ecstatic among punters and a rise in betting odds on football betting sites as well. To know more about all the odds and markets, visit our page.

The fee factor has changed for the next match, which USMNT is scheduled to play on Sunday against Uruguay. Supporters will only have to lose $90 with a fee to enjoy the ambiance where players will attempt to showcase the real spirit of USMNT again.

Gregg Berhalter, the Head Coach of USMNT, called the phase an important training camp for the team, adding that he did not think that the world was saying the World Cup was around the corner.

Scheduling a match on a weekday night is an aspect that has gone missing from everyone’s mind. Excitement has not gone but merely shifted to where supporters can enjoy the game. The coming match is on the weekend, with the team looking up for better support.

USMNT won the previous game and is now looking to keep that pace going. Like every other sport, having fans in the crowd would be a pleasure for players to perform.

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