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Dean Morrow Wins WSOP $400 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max Tournament

The World Series of Poker continues to conduct online tournaments, and the 400 dollars No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max Event is the latest one to conclude. The event garnered over 421 entries to create a 151,560 dollars prize pool. Dean Morrow won the event to score 35,480 dollars alongside his maiden gold bracelet.

The event merely went on for nine hours before Dean emerged victorious. Dean Morrow completely dominated the event, so much so that by the time of the final table, Dean had a lead of 2.6 million. The only other player among the million range was ArnoldSlick.

As the final table commenced, DeathNote fell first after losing to Morrow’s A-9. The elimination put Dean above the million chip stack. As a result, DeathNote secured the sixth spot to win 5,289 dollars.

BubbyDubby was the next to drop after his suited 10-9 lost to ArnoldSlick’s J-J. Then, with fives emerging on the turn and the river, ArnoldSlick scored a full house, eliminating BubbyDubby for the fifth spot and 7,336 dollars.

Chr0meKing joined DeathNote and BubbyDubby after his off-suited A-8 clashed against ArnoldSlick’s suited A-K. The player won 10,367 dollars for fourth place.

Morrow secured another elimination by beating Voice2skull’s suited A-J with his off-suited A-Q. The table assisted Dean after turning 10, 9, 8, 4, J, giving the player a high-queen straight. Nonetheless, Voice2skull scored a staggering 14,974 dollars for the third spot.

The win almost secured Dean’s eventual win as the player held a 2.5:1 chip lead against ArnoldSlick. At the final game, ArnoldSlick raised to 88,000 on the button with a pocket eight pair. Dean raised the bet to 264,000 with his pocket jack pairs. With the table turning J, 8, 4, ArnoldSlick confidently moved all-in against Dean’s 177,540 bets.

After calling ArnoldSlick’s bet, the table turned 4 and 2, giving Dean Morrow his first gold bracelet and 35,480 dollars. ArnoldSlick won 22,022 dollars for second place. 

Here is how the final table looked:Here is how the final table looked

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